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I had a breast reduction and a face lift at the same time. I can say the Breast reduction is very easy, the face lift was tough because I too can't be off work much, so I went to work at nights to catch up, I am also recovering from a... READ COMMENT

Hey,I had a tummy tuck 2 years ago, the breast lift was 4 years ago. The breast lift is a breeze easy to deal with. The tummy tuck is a little tougher. Although the pain really only is intense for the say first week, walking, getting up... READ COMMENT

I had a TT 2 years ago. I had this exact problem with my incision, yes the incision kind of opened up and a yellow liquid leaked out, my doc told me, if I remember right, it was the fat not absorbing into my body correctly cuz your body... READ COMMENT

Hi, I had lipo on the back flanks with my TT, my doctor said absolutely no ice on the area that they lipo'd. I was worried about you, so call your doctor before continuing ice. just caring! READ COMMENT

Hello, I am looking into having the cool sculpting process done on my thigh area. I do not live in Bozeman but close by, I am interested in this process with this dr. can you give me any other tips about your process? Anything would... READ COMMENT