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Sounds that it feels and works different for everyone. I'm still thinking of giving it a try though, and I just hope it works for me... I really appreciate your replys! At least after I can't say I did't know, nobody told me :) READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry to know that it didn't work for you...and I don't want to happen to me, I have taken my appointment for the 25th of sempember, and now I'm very confused about if it's worth it or not. I would be spending almost all my... READ COMMENT

Hi! I'm also thinking seriously of doing my arms, and still do, eventhoug your experiance with it scared me a bit...but if it works I don't care. I work out a lot, but loosing that fat for me has been just impossible! I would... READ COMMENT

Hi! I was just wondering how's going now? I'm thinking about doing it too, but it's the second time I read from someone that has a very healthy lifestyle that there are no changes... Since I eat ery healthy and exercise a lot I'm... READ COMMENT