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In my Right Nostril my Cartilage Pops in and out. How Do I Make it Straight?

Like I can press on it and it can pop back up but I don't get how to make it straight how it used to be. I just want it to be straight and normal but I don't get how to do that? READ MORE

When I Run my Fingers Down the Bridge of my Nose in my Right Nostril I Can Feel This Popping Noise?

After I'm done running my fingers down like if the cartilage in my nose pops out of place or something. It makes my nose look uneven too so I just wanted to know how I got... READ MORE

Messing With My Nose and Cartilage Now Pops in and Out?

I Was Messing with my Nose for a While and I Think I Might've Pushed Up Too Far and Now the Cartilage Can Pop in and out in my right nostril and I was just wondering how to fix... READ MORE

I Think My Lateral Cartilage is Detached From the Nasal Bone. What Are My Options?

Hi I Don't Remember How but I Messed Up the Cartilage in my Right Nostril and I Think What I Messed Up Specifically is the lateral cartilage that is now not fully attached to... READ MORE