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How Can I Find a Doctor That Can Perform a Zygomatic Osteotomy?

I had a zygomatic fracture 3 years ago and it caused my zygoma and zygomatic arch to protrude. A craniofacial surgeon, who specializes mainly in dental work, said repairing it... READ MORE

Should a See a DMD/DDS Maxillofacial Surgeon or Cosmetic Facial Surgeon for a Zygomatic Osteotomy?

I suffered a zygomatic fracture 3 years ago and i want to get an osteotomy to remove the protruding bone from my zygomatic arch for a better symmetry. Who should i see? READ MORE

Would an Osteotomy Be a Good Procedure to Make Better Facial Symmetry After a Zygomatic Fracture?

A zygomatic fracture i had 3 years ago has now left my zygoma and zygomatic arch to protrude. Could a surgeon remove bone from my zygoma as simple as he would perform other... READ MORE

Surgery Leading to Possible Nerve Damage of the Forehead/upper Eye Brow. Should I Be Concerned?

I am most likely getting a procedure to fix my post fractured zygoma. The surgery would consist of removing bone from the zygomatic arch area. The surgeon, who i have credited... READ MORE

Is my Home Teeth Bleaching Kit Receding my Gums?

I see other questions on here but none that fit my description. I used a bleaching gel kit(44%) with a retainer three days in a a row until the third day i experienced mild... READ MORE

How Thick is a Zygomatic Arch?

I had a few facial fractures and it left my zygomtic arch to stick out a lot. I went to see a craniofacial surgeon and he wants to just shave some of the bone down. However, i... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure for Leg Shortening?

I more than positive my left leg is slightly longer(1 cm to an inch) than the other. This has made my hips uneven and is altering my shoulder balance. I workout frequently and... READ MORE