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My Turn Bbl with Dr Fisher - Miami, FL

So I've been on this site forever it feels like, stalking butts and Dr's, etc, but now it's finally my turn. I found out recently a Dr was having a promotion for bbl and I called to inquire. Promotion was $3500 for a bbl with 12 areas of lipo. Come to find out the office had multiple Dr's and the promotion was for a specific Dr. I tried to review his work but I couldn't find any, I... READ MORE

Vida Spa in Doral Laser Hair Removal - Miami, FL update

I'm kind of excited. I bought a voucher to do laser hair removal from living social, or social living, however it's called. Three areas of laser hair removal for $299 for 18 months with unlimited visits during that 18 months. I haven't scheduled yet, but I'm looking to do it either on the 17th or 24th of September. I just had a baby 3 and half weeks ago, so I'm waiting to stop bleeding,... READ MORE

Questions from Clarky2677

What is the Exchange for Ccs to Lbs?

A lot of doctors refer to fat transferred in ccs, but how many pounds is that? 30 ccs to an ounce, 16 ounces to a pound; is that the formula? READ MORE

How Do You Know if a Surgeon is Really Good at What He Does?

I'm interested in multiple plastic surgeries, but I guess this question in particular could go for tummy tuck or vaginal rejuvenation. With vaginal rejuvenation there's no... READ MORE

What is Recommended Post-operatively Other Than Rest and Do Not Sit on Your Butt?

Deep breathing and coughing exercises, to prevent post surgical complications? Or the surgery isn't that serious and it's not necessary? Walking a minimum amount time every 2... READ MORE

Will Massage Post Operatively Help Save the Fat or Will It Kill It or Distort the Shape?

What kind of massage is best, lymphatic drainage? Any general light massage to reduce swelling and promote blood supply? Tapotements (Percussion) to really increase blood... READ MORE

What's the Scoop, the History Behind BBL? Where Do Plastic Surgeons Learn to Do BBL?

Is it part of basic plastic surgeon school/ residency or whatever? Is it a special interest class you take after becoming a surgeon? Is there a certification for BBL? Who... READ MORE

What's the Best Garment After a BBL?

I see some people with holes in the cheek area and some without. How do you know if it's too tight, obviously it's supposed to be tight because it's compressing the swelling... READ MORE

Genetically Who Has or What Body Type Has More Fat Reasorbtion in Your Practice with BBL?

Fat absorption may vary from person to person but is it noticeable that certain people have more or less success with the fat survival? White, black, asian, ppl that were fat... READ MORE

Other Than Taking Vitamins is There a Diet or Nutrition Plan That Should Be Followed After BBL?

To increase survival rate of fat and minimize scarring? Like I've heard that high protien diet post operatively for any surgery promotes wound healing. Also it is a good idea... READ MORE

After Having a BBL How Many Follow Up Appointments Do You Have to Have?

Can you have them over the phone or via the internet? What are the time intervals? READ MORE

If Planning to Do a Bbl out of Town How Long Should I Plan to Stay in Town For?

2 wks, a month? What's best for follow up appts, and fat survival if I'm flying? READ MORE

Have Any Dr.s Heard of or Use "Pain Free Hair Free" Laser Hair Removal?

Does it work well, about the same as the painful one, or less effective? READ MORE

Can Any Part of a BBL Procedure Be Covered by Insurance?

I don't think the actual procedure, but maybe the meds afterwards, or the garment, or post surgery massages? READ MORE

What is Included in Your Fee for a BBL Procedure?

A lot of ppl on here rave about dr salama and his work but what usually wins them over is the price (about $7,000) and what he includes in the price: medical transport, 2... READ MORE

Which Drug is Used for General Anesthesia for Brazilian Butt Lift, or Any Cosmetic Surgery?

I was reading an article that said the drug isoflurane used as an inhaled anesthetic, can cause Alzheimer's. Another anesthetic desflurane did not have the same effect. READ MORE

What Are the Chances of a Fat Embolism with a Bbl/fat Transfer, Related to the Fat Transfer Not Just a Complication of Surgery?

Hopefully none right? Is it protocol to aspirate before just randomly injecting fat all over the butt? I would hope so, because how else are you going to know if you're in a... READ MORE

Vision Correction?

I have myopia and astigmatism, I am 24. I want to know what is the best vision correction procedure for me or should I stick with glasses. Every year my eyesight gets worse for... READ MORE

If you have benign lumpy breast can you get a prophylactic breast implants?

A lady I know says she had this done and her insurance paid for it. (I don't want to hear it depends on your insurance contact your insurance) I want to know in your practice... READ MORE

Discussions started by Clarky2677

Traveling with BBL

Hello Ladies! I am considering doing BBL surgery with dr j, in Atl, and I want to know how long should I plan to stay there? Is it better to pay more for a hotel with... READ MORE

Best Garments for BBL

What are the best garments for BBL, with holes in the cheek area or without? How much did you pay for you garment, where did you get it from? Did you get it altered did it fit... READ MORE

Real Cost of BBL

I'm trying to figure out how much do I really need to save to do a bbl procedure. I plan to do it June 2014 with dr j. I don't have a date or anything because I need to save,... READ MORE

Recovery Time

Ladies how long do you recommend taking off from work? Two weeks, a month, never go back? I don't have a sit down job, so I'm not worried about sitting, I'm more so worried... READ MORE

Recent comments from Clarky2677

Thanks everyone, I know I've been missing. I've been trying to find out for the longest how many ccs and get my before and after pics as well READ COMMENT

Your waist is so small! You look good mama READ COMMENT

Looking great btw! READ COMMENT

I'm on the fence too about implants. I was looking at fat transfer to the breast, but it's so expensive READ COMMENT