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Dear Scientist: It has been two years come October. I have a huge hanging whatever! under my right chin...that never went away, no matter what. I did go to another plastic surgeon who shook his head and told me there is really... READ COMMENT

I am so SO sorry I did not use Dr. G. Instead, I had that nightmare Catalfumo, who by the way had a woman die in St. Mary's hospital not long after my butchered face and eyes. the office says "he retired" yeah - right, just another... READ COMMENT

Marilyn Good for you! You were saved from a lifetime of nightmares. I do believe you are one of the lucky ones. I'm truly happy for you, it is what I was expecting. By the way, I used to live in Clifton, now I am crying in Florida ! READ COMMENT

Get on your knees and be thankful! Trust me: the positive posts - more than likely - are posted by the LSL corporation. READ COMMENT

You got away cheap Marion! Mine was $9500 to $9800 I don't even know the exact amount - as it was such a huge self-deforming mistake. I hate to look in the mirror And I used to be a model in NYC. I guess I will grow older - looking... READ COMMENT