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Forehead Reduction Options Without Hair Transplant?

You would see I clearly have a high forehead, emphasized by my gaunt, oblong face. What can be done to reduce the length (excluding hair transplants)? growing up and to this... READ MORE

Forehead Reduction/hairline Lowering? (photo)

I have been considering having my forehead shaped to a desirable fit for my face. I did the "pinch your skin" test on myself to test flexibility. It's hard to say for sure if... READ MORE

Hair Transplants for Hairline Lowering? (photo)

What is better for me, surgery or transplants? Pros and cons of a transplant? I have curly hair, am I a good candidate? How long before they are "bang's/fringe" length? I am... READ MORE

Thin/Gaunt Face at 21 Y.o? (photo)

My face is long, thin, and gaunt. I have a high forehead I conceal with fringe. I feel my body is normal, (105 Lbs 5'2") and yet my face throws it off. I suppose it used to be... READ MORE

I Have a Weird Bone Sticking out of the Side of my Foot, What Do I Do? (photo)

Http:// it's not a bunion at the top of my foot, it's not fatty tissue, it's bone. both of my feet have bones on the corner of the side of my foot... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Facial Hair Bleach?

I'm fair with black hair and I go bleach crazy once a month or every two months, depends. I bleach any peach fuzz I can find on my body. I use the sally Hansen bleach and I... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Get Rid of Stretchmarks on my Legs?

They're relatively old and light but they bother me. Very visible in daylight, looks like I got attacked by a mountain lion. What treatments are available for this? Does derma... READ MORE

Hair Falling Out, Does Rogaine for Women Work and is It Safe?

I'm 21, female, curly hair, high forehead. My hair is thinning significantly at my temples, I fill it in with make up so you won't see my scalp. I've noticed one side, where I... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Sally Hansen Facial Bleaching Cream on Body? (photo)

I use it on the peach fuzz around my body. I am not sure if using this product long term can become toxic or cause a terminal illness. Are any bodily hair bleaching creams safe? READ MORE

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Woww. How long has it been since your surgery? Can you post more pictures? :-) this is awesome READ COMMENT

Would you mind sharing before and after pictures of your successful procedure, please? Would be mighty helpful READ COMMENT

They have rogaine for women, it's in a purpleish box. Did you know about that? I wonder if the ingredients are the same. I'm sad now, I have Hypert. Too... This was my last resort :/ READ COMMENT

I've never had red or pink anything, they just went straight to silver. Did your stretch marks fade after your self treatment? (after your scar went away) READ COMMENT

Does he do this with a one step procedure? because I don't trust the expander READ COMMENT