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I'm a 38 E and was denied by Atnea in September. In January my day's company is switching to BCBS. Praying things work you READ COMMENT

Well luckly those are the things i wrote down @Faythfull so glad to have a site like this to help out, id be so lost without it. and thank you @tigol'bitties its the first question on my list READ COMMENT

Comming up with my list of questions is much harder then i thought it would be. trying to remember everything i've read on here and everywhere else is much harder then i thought it would be. any suggestions?? READ COMMENT

Personally i think the numbing shot is worse then the actual needle for the iv itself, guess it comes from all the tattoos and experience from that. i go monday for blood work (not related) and i always have to point to the vain they... READ COMMENT

Wow they have a lot of info thanks Acs2656 READ COMMENT