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Butt Implants Yesterday with Dr.widder! - Vienna, VA

Hey ladies. I had my butt implant surgery yesterday with dr.widder in vienna, va. I live in Az so I flew out here alone. Hired jojo the nurse to stay with me the 1st 24 hrs and she was awesome. Im 19 years old, 5"2, roughly 112 lbs. He put in 565 cc oval implants subfascialy placed. THE RECOVERY IS NO JOKE LADIES! because im so young I couldn't have an epidural so I went under general... READ MORE

BA on September 19th! - Miami, FL

Hey realself army! :) i live in Scottsdale, az and im flying out to Miami Florida on September 19th to undergo a breast augmentation! Soo excited. Im 19 yr old, 5"2, and 109 lbs. Currently a 32 B, going for 550 ccs. Has anyone else my size gone to a similar or bigger implant size? ;please share any advise and stories. I am going to Dr.Salama. thank you ladies! This is the beginning of my... READ MORE

Questions from Miladoll

Should I Add More Juvederm to my Lips?

I had Juvaderm injected in my lips about a week ago in Chicago. My lips are a bit fuller, but i was wondering how full i could go without having an "inner tube/ duck" effect.... READ MORE

How Do I Avoid Getting a "Refund Gap"?

I am scheduled for a breast augmentation on the 20th of this month with Dr.Guerra in Scottsdale,Az. Iv been wanting am augmentation for years but my biggest concern is ending... READ MORE

Affordable Doctors in the US? Saline Breast Augmentation.

Hello! I am 110lbs and 5"2, currently a 32B looking to get 525cc silicone breast implants. I would love to find an affordable surgeon in the US (between 3500-5000). Please... READ MORE

Any Complications with Going Too Big?

Hey realself army! On September 19th, I'll be flying out from Scottsdale to Miami for my breast augmentation! (Eps miami). I am 5 foot 2, and 110 pounds... my current bra size... READ MORE

EKG Test Pre-op?

Dr.salama's staff sent me an email requesting a bunch of blood tests and and EKG (which i find strange since im a 19 yr old non smoker). Anyways, i have no insurance and spent... READ MORE

Good Buttock Implants?

Hello! I am a 19 yr old healthy Caucasian female. 5"2 and 109 lbs. Im looking to have butt implants (not enough fat for grafting). Im in the music video industry. Ill be paying... READ MORE

Butt Implants? How Long Do I Have to Wait Between Consultation and Surgery?

I have a consultation on April 2nd to get butt implants. I will be paying cash and want the surgery as soon as possible. I was going to go to the dr who did my breasts in sept... READ MORE

Flying After Butt Implants?

Hello realself army. Iv canceled my consultation with dr.Stanton and have decided to fly to Virginia for a consultation with Dr.widder on April 6th. I have cash and hope to... READ MORE

9 Hr Flight After Butt Implants?

Would I be ok to fly one week post-op? (Butt implants) Any tips for making the flight easier? What could be the consequences of flying to early? READ MORE

Affordable Laser Lipo in Arizona?

I had a BA in September, and a butt augmentation 4/10/13. I want to finalize contouring my "dream body" with LASER lipo. Im a slender 19 year old, although I have a probomatic... READ MORE

Bruising and Pain Months After Butt Implants. Any Advice? Help! (photo)

I had buttock implants placed sub Fascia in April. On is much former than the other and sits higher. The other is relatively soft and has better movement. The harder one... READ MORE

Bruising and Pain Post Butt Implant Procedure? (photo)

I got butt implants placed under the fascia April 9th. Since then the right implant is higher, significantly firmer, sensitive, and is continuously bruised. Also when I bend... READ MORE

I'm 20 yrs old, one child, and 120 lbs. Can I get a tummy tuck? (photo)

I want a full tummy tuck. I'm 20 yrs old, one child, and im 120 lbs. I went to one doctor who said I would be a candidate for TT and another doctor told me I don't need the... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for transfer to my hips? (Photo)

I need to have my butt implants re-done because I have formed muscular contracture in the right check and now there is severe asymmetry. I also want an hour glass shape and... READ MORE

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Your new pics look great, the shape is sitting very natrually! READ COMMENT

I flew back on day 8 READ COMMENT

Amen! @foxylady7 READ COMMENT

Im using a smartphone, not a desktop. If you'd like you can text or email me for pics 3234221192 READ COMMENT

@dyna bbl disolves over time. Butt implants can be very safe if done with the right surgeon. Not many surgeons are skilledb at this procedure, but the ones who are can give u a lasting permanent result! READ COMMENT