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Restylane for Tear Trough Hollows - So Far So Good!

I had restlyane injections for tear trough hollows a few months ago. It's definitely the kind of subtle change I'm looking for as I'm only 31 - I don't want to look too plumped up or plastic. The dark circles are greatly diminshed and I think it gives me a refreshed look.Due to the site of injection (under eyes), I did experience a bit of swelling and bruising. It was nothing extreme or... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal - Tedious Process but Worth It

First of all, this is a *really* long process and one should understand this from the beginning. It's not instantaneous. I'm having 3 tattoos lasered and it's been a year already since I've begun treatments. My tattoos are black ink (supposedly easier to remove via laser than other colored inks) and aren't particularly large. The laser treatments are usually spaced about 7 weeks apart and... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with Ear Cartilage Graft

I originally had a septoplasty performed in August 2008 by a plastic surgeon that was recommended to me by another doctor. Let me just say that the left side of my nose caved in or collapsed, which caused signifant breathing trouble, It's debatable as to whether my nose was already experiencing "valve collapse" prior to my surgery in 2008 - however I do know that the... READ MORE

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Solutions for Hypertrophic Eye Muscle Bulge?

I have what has been described to me as a hypertrophic muscle under my left eye. I also have undereye hollows. I've been told that injectables would improve the hollows but not... READ MORE

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I completely agree about the 6-10 standard treatments not being the rule. I was told underlying color may have something to do with it. For example, my tattoos were supposedly "black" but really the ink has a bit of a bluish tint and... READ COMMENT

Hi! I'm actually on day 4 of one of my treatments right now and it usually takes time for fading to occur. (Right now, I've got some blistering, but no real soreness, itching, etc..) I guess it really depends on our own bodies and how... READ COMMENT

Hi Maureen, I definitely think my nose looks wide, especially near where the graft was placed. However, yours might still be pretty swollen given that you're only 7 weeks post-opp. I know mine was!! However, I'm 5 months out now and... READ COMMENT

Milo - during the week post-surgery, I'm quite sure my breathing wasn't so good with the splints. However, my nose was completely collapsed on my left side prior and I could barely breathe through my nose for several years. It's all... READ COMMENT

Hi Milo, The graft was taken from the inner rim of my ear and frankly isn't even noticeable anymore post-surgery (almost 5 months). I will say that I found the ear wound to be much more painful than my nose during the first week of... READ COMMENT