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Does Rhinoplasty Include Hump Reduction? (photo)

Hi doctors, I am an asian male, had a crooked nose way back 6-7 years ago in an accident. Until recently I'd realized that my right nasal has been blocked and only the left is... READ MORE

I Have a Sensitive Nose, Can I Still Go for Rhinoplasty?

Hi doctors, I have a very sensitive nose, meaning i tend to catch a cold, flu easily. I think i have nose sinus easily too and whenever there is dust or too much perfume i will... READ MORE

Can Alar-plasty Done Together with Open Rhino & Septo?

I was advise to perform an open procedure to breakdown my nasal structure and straighten it, a septoplasty to relieve breathing difficulty. I also requested to reduce my... READ MORE

Procedures for a Whole Nasal Bone Break Down? (photo)

Hi, I was advise to do a septo/rhino/alar-plasty together, to break down my whole nasal bone and straighten it, smaller the width/nostrils and sharpen the tip. With such a... READ MORE