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Gastric Sleeve & Dr Almanza Rocks! - Tijuana, Mexico

Hi ALL! I want to start this off with... I just had the surgery so this review is on my results thus far, the procedure, and review of the doctor, staff and facilities only. I will keep posting we new results so you know my journey. I promise to tell my truth, the good, the bad and the ugly. ... READ MORE

Upper and Lower Bleph "Eye Lid Surgery" -Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have wanted this done for a long time now, because I have always had puffy lower lids. I had a gastric sleeve earlier this year and have lost right at 60 lbs now. With the drastic weight loss my skin on my face has become more loose and droopy so my eyes have become more pronounced with the... READ MORE


How long does it take your eyes to heal from upper and lower eye life surgery on an average? (photo)

I know everyone is different but I'm starting to get worried because my scars are dark and whelped (raised) I had my surgery a month ago, stitches came open the first time had... READ MORE

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How long did it take your eyes to heal?

If you had upper or lower eyelid surgery and the first few weeks they did not look good and you thought they where never, ever going to look good or come out right what happen,... READ MORE

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Hey lady! My new motto is Look 50th For What? Do what makes you feel good about yourself. No need to take in others consideration of your body. They need to take care of them self! Which most do not even do that. I'm telling you,... READ COMMENT

Hi BIG CONGRATS TO YOU!! what doc did you use? Have you posted pictures? I'm on my cell and I don't navigate and type with it very well on here. Let me know if you have a post so I can read it in my computer. READ COMMENT

LatinaCurves where you at? How are you doing? Lets v reconnect. READ COMMENT

Sorry mama's I fell off the real self wagon. Everyday life set in. Want to follow up with you to see if you went through with surgery? If you did send me the link to your post. If not no shame contact me and let's reconnect it's never... READ COMMENT

Hi, Thank u! Did you have your surgery yet? P I st update if you did so we can stay in touch.. READ COMMENT