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You have had a bad attitude and it started all this. READ COMMENT

I am close, right? READ COMMENT

I am pissed at this........I have no clue and it makes no sense. All of a sudden I have two names.....how did this happen? And I cannot unsubscribe.....could never even post my picture. JacFlash READ COMMENT

I have one account here.....I do not know where the Jacqueline something or other came from and why would I do that and sign as JacFlash? No, besides you gals.....I am not sure. I tried to unsubscribe and they will not let me. Well, I... READ COMMENT

I have always called it as I see it. Always the rebel rouser but smart and I do not take you gals for anything but what you are. Complainers who should have explored your options better. First to sue and always have to post... READ COMMENT