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Can Areas Not Treated with Lipo Swell Too?

Hello, I am 3 days post-op. I had liposuction on my lower abdomen to remove my persistent "muffin top." My PS removed 200 cc's of fat from that area. I feel pretty great. I... READ MORE

I'm Worried my Surgeon Didn't Take Enough Fat?

I am 4 days post-op. My PS only took 200 cc's out of my lower abdomen...and I was never super skinny. I am 5'8'' and weighed 151 lbs prior to surgery. Why the small amount? I'm... READ MORE

Can You Get Lipo on the Same Area or Does Fibrous, Scar Tissue Form After the First Time?

About a week post-op. I had liposuction done on my lower abdomen. I have alluded to this in other posts, but I am a little annoyed by how little my surgeon removed during... READ MORE

Is It Easier to Lose Weight in the Future in the Liposuction-treated Area?

I had 200 cc's removed from my lower abdomen. After everything heals in 7 months or so, does the fat remaining there respond better to exercise or is it just as stubborn to get... READ MORE

I Didn't Wear a Compression Garment for 8 Hours - is This Damaging?

I had lipo of my lower abdomen done two weeks ago, and I have been wearing my compression garment consistently for 24 hours a day for these 2 weeks. Today I removed my... READ MORE

Is There Always Fat Available to Remove on the Mons Pubis? Can It Go Wrong?

My whole life I have had a bulky mound and it has been a huge source of embarrassment. I can't even wear a bathing suit in public and I'm only 27. My mons feels bony, but it... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post-op and I Look Exactly the Same - is This Normal?

Do Plastic Surgeons charge by the hour or per area? I would like to get both my mons pubis and my sides done. Is the side fat (when you are wearing a bra,'the fat that is... READ MORE

Should I Get Lipo on my Upper Abdomen for a More Balanced Look? I Want My Pooch to Go Away!

I had lipo on my lower abdomen 5 weeks ago. I'm starting to see SLIGHT reduction, however, I still have a pooch, and now my upper ab is more noticeable. I know it's the same... READ MORE

Is This Swelling or Close to my Final Result? (photo)

Hi doctors, I had liposuction of the lower abdomen only on 8/3/12. My PS removed 200 cc's. Can someone please look at my photos and tell me honestly if they think this is... READ MORE

Fat Distribution in Strange Places After Liposuction Despite Losing Weight? (photo)

My PS removed a very tiny amount (200 cc's) from my lower abs. Since then (4 months ago) I have noticed something puzzling. When I started wearing jeans again I noticed that my... READ MORE

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Did you have liposuction done underneath the butt (the gluteal fold) too? READ COMMENT

Hrtb84, You look great! I'm posting because we're of similar height and stature. I had liposuction of my lower abdomen on August 3rd. My stomach now looks amazing! Completely flat and toned....but for some reason out of nowhere..... READ COMMENT

Did you have tumescent lipo or some kind of laser/smart lipo/vasar? I had this same thing done on the 3rd. My belly looked the exact same as yours in the before except my surgeon only took out 200 cc!!!! That seems like so little READ COMMENT

I just had the same thing done on the 3rd! Good luck and don't feel freaked out. It's not bad at all! READ COMMENT