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The Master of the Revision Rhinoplasty – New York, NY

I had two previous bad procedures in my nose with two different general plastic surgeons. The first surgery a bone graft was harvested from my hip and insert into a nasal dorsum. I decided a second revision because the nose was unsymmetrical. The second surgery was worse than the first revision because I had an "L" shape implant bigger than my nose and a big "red spot" on the tip of my nose.... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Revision Made my Nose Worse - Fort Lee, NJ

July 2011 I a got a rhinoplasty with Dr. Paul Rosenberg in Fort Lee, NJ to correct an unsuccessful first rhinoplasty that I got 10 years before 2011. He did not fix my nose, he put an implant bigger than my nose. The left side of the bone is higher than the right side. The nose looks uneven. I had a big red spot on the tip of the nose because the implant is making pressure. I wasted a lot... READ MORE

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Side Effects of Juvederm Injected Under Eyes?

I look tired with little fat under my eyes. If I decide to have Juverderm under my eyes, what could be the side effects or consequences? READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Revision Made it Worse Because of Silicone Implant Malposition? (photo)

I got my first surgery in this country few years ago but I was not satisfied with my nose. I got a second rhinoplasty to correct the first unsuccessful surgery but it was worse... READ MORE

What Are the Best Implants for Nose? (photo)

I have read a lot about the different types of implants including silicone, medpor, gortex, human cartilage. What is the best that can be used for rhinoplasty? How often nose... READ MORE

What is the Best Implant? (photo)

I have in my nose a bad silicone implant in a mal position. The implant has to be removed but I want an implant forever. Do you thing that mixing gortex and cartilage like... READ MORE

For a Dermatologist Doctor. What Do I Have Do with the Hiperpigmentation? Fraxel Restore Laser Could Be a Good Solution?

I got a blue peel but unfortunately for me this treatment damage my skin and I have more brown spots that before and skin looks uneven. Hidroquinone does not work for me... READ MORE

Looking for dermatology in NJ?

I am looking for a dermatology in New Jersey who offers "cosmelan" treatment for hyperpigmentation? READ MORE

What is the procedure in this area to remove the fat and tighten the skin under my eyes? (Photo)

I have bags under my eyes and I am looking for a good surgeon in NJ or NYC. The bags have to be removed and tighten the skin. Also. I have a small mold in my left eyelid. I... READ MORE

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Help! Rhinoplasty Revision in NY?

I had 2 unsuccessful Rhinoplasty surgeries. Can anyone suggest a New York plastic surgeon best in secondary Rhinoplasty? I have a malposition silicone implant. READ MORE

Can be mixed two different things my cartilage and gortex?

I have in my nose a bad silicone implant in a mal position. The implant has to be removed but I want an implant forever. Do you thing that mixing gortex and my cartilage, it... READ MORE

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Come to the USA and make an appointment with Dr. Slupchynsky one of the best surgeon for rhinoplasty. READ COMMENT

I got good 12 answers from doctors cartilage, septum and rib are the best. I am glad with them because they have opened my eyes. From my personal experience and after to read that silicone implants can cause necrosis. Really, I do... READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing your story, I have the same experience than you with a different doctor. I am looking for a good surgeon to get a third rhinoplasty. I know how do you feel because I am in the same situation. Good Luck! READ COMMENT

No, I am not from Colombia but the doctors offer packages including hotel, nurse for 24 hours, food, and the surgery for $4,000. But, you are correct, I do not have another option and I have to keep my hope that I will get a good... READ COMMENT