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There's no way I'd post pics of my nakedness on fb if I thought for a second they'd be seen! Lol. No one sees anything we post in the group because it's private. It really is a blast and like Jke said... you don't have to post pics. READ COMMENT

Has anyone stopped wearing their cg yet? I feel very uncomfortable and vulnerable without it and feel like I'm never going to be ok without it again, lol. READ COMMENT

Sarah... I'm so glad to see you back and posting. I was worried after your update on your story page!!!! I just sent you a friend request on fb. I can't say that I'm thinking of more plastic surgery but I have been dying to get to the... READ COMMENT

That's a great idea! READ COMMENT

I am totally there with you Mouse... some days I get so depressed being stuck in the house. And when I'm here I can't even keep busy with housework or anything that really needs to get done. I have pinned more things on Pinterest than I... READ COMMENT