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Nice work. You really look great. I know for those fat transfers that they never last even with the top physicians. You are an inspiration. READ COMMENT

One way to stop the drama is to stop responding negatively when others post their experiences or you can simple stop responding. That would be the best way as I do not feel that you have lead people to the decision that is best for them... READ COMMENT

60 and Loving it, please do not get so emotionally involved. This shoud be a forum about people getting accurate information. If you are so happy then you should be out dancing in the streets and not worrying about it something bad... READ COMMENT

I can say that I have talked to many who have gone to see Dr Velasco in Can cun and had hematomas and countless other problems.The hematomas where not from smking. I do not know why 60 and Loving it get so offended when people post of... READ COMMENT

This is so fishy. The comments on this site do not reflect the truth. READ COMMENT