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Collapse After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I have had a 3rd rhinoplasty, requiring a rib graft, 5 weeks ago. The surgery was supposed to correct, among other things, areas of collapse however I now notice that this was... READ MORE

Very Strange Sensation when Breathing After Reconstructive Rhinoplasty?

I had reconstructive rhinoplasty about 6 months ago. My then overresected septum was partly reconstructed with rib cartillage. My breathing is now very strange. When I breath... READ MORE

Rib Graft Protrusion?

I had reconstructive rhinoplasty and an onlay rib graft was placed on my nose. The edges of the graft are very sharp and protrude through the skin, making it very easy to... READ MORE

Over one year post rhinoplasty with rib cartilage harvested. Still hurts?

As the title say, I had rhinoplasty with my own rib cartilage harvested, in August 2012 to be precise. Most of the time I feel mild discomfort in my rib cage area, but at times... READ MORE

Dermis grafts?

A doctor has mentioned dermis grafts to me to fill a depressed area of my nose. What are they and how long do they last? Can they be placed vis a closed procedure? READ MORE