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Lipo to Abdomen, Fail. Stay Away! -- Tampa, FL

I went to Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Tampa to have lipo done on stomach for more definition. Dr. Mendoza left me with funny lumps n dents. What a waste of money and pain! Now i have to go get it fixed by another doctor because they do not want to fix it or even do complimentary cool sculpt to improve uneven appearance. Rick the supervisor wants me to pay full for a revision. They... READ MORE

Butt Fat Transfer

My butt looks great, like I've been working out on its for years!I had a butt to start with but just needed that extra hump on the top of it. Surgery did it for me, its not a J.Lo butt, but it looks great!Just need some advice on getting back in shape, my legs are starting to get fat from doing nothing all this time for 3 months. Help!! Will exercise burn the fat that was transferred to my... READ MORE

Questions from beauty05

Cellulite After Brazilian Butt Lift

Why do I have cellulite at the back of my legs after a butt fat transfer? I never had that before the surgery. I was pretty lean to start with. I was happy with the results at... READ MORE

How Long After Rhinoplasty Should I Wait to Get Revision?

I had a Nose job 5 months ago and my nose looks uneven it goes to the side and not straight in the middle. How long can I wait for a revision? READ MORE

Why is One Breast Fuller and Bigger and Both Were Placed with 700cc Silicone Implants?

I am 7weeks out of my revision surgery and im noticing one of my breast are fuller and bigger. Why? I am getting pretty depressed. Its a revision and i expected for them to be... READ MORE

I'm Constantly Getting Kicked by my Two Small Children by Mistake, Can This Affect my Butt Fat Transfer?

Im 4 weeks out of surgery. I have two small children I have to care for and they are always kicking me on my butt by mistake. It burns sometimes depending how hard they kick or... READ MORE

When Can I Diet and Exercise, Lift Weights and Do Cardio After a Butt Fat Transfer?

Im 6 weeks out of getting a butt fat transfer and cant wait to get back in shape, Im gaining weight doing nothing at home and eating. I gain weight easy, before surgery I had... READ MORE

Im Concerned with my Butt, It Seems to Droop Down on my Right Side, Why?! Is It Fixable and How Much Can be Fixed?

Im 6wks out of surgery, this is my second butt fat transfer, the first was not as good because I had a Tummy tuck done at same time and had to sit on my butt most of the time... READ MORE

Can Fat Be Transferred to a Depressed Area Without Going Under General Anesthesia?

I had a buut fat transfer done . The Dr. lipo my hip too much and I specifically told him not to because I knew it would take away from my hour glass. He offered it because I... READ MORE

Aqua lipo vs smart lipo?

Ive had traditional lipo on my abdomen but have noticed some fat was left on my upper abdomen closer to my rib area that was not taken out enough causing it to protrude... READ MORE

I want recommendations from the experts. Who are my best choices of doctors to achive the most results for Cellulaze?

I have a plastic surgeon and im very satisfied with him. But he does not believe in cellulaze. I would trust him when he says "dont do it" but cellulite its depressing! Please... READ MORE

Should It be a red flag if a plastic surgery office post Groupon deals?

Groupon charging half or even more than half the price on a procedure. Whats your thoughts? READ MORE

CoolSculpting or SmartLipo? (photos)

I had lipo on abs years ago. Fat was lwft on upper abs. CoolSculpting wpuld be best because i would need no incision. But if smartlipo is best due to amount of fat and loose... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Cellulaze in FLORIDA? Or close to FLORIDA?

Ive been doing research and not many doctors perform cellulaze why? And not many have the equipment? Who in florida does cellulaze? I cant find a doctor. The only doctor that... READ MORE

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Pictures? Thankyou :) READ COMMENT

Update us please!!! READ COMMENT

Awesome results :) what made you choose Dr. Bacon over other doctors? READ COMMENT