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Hi, Hmvjdv - you don't say how long it's been since your surgery, so I recommend you read everyone else's posts (and think back on your past experience) to know when it's been "too long". That said, I also don't know if it is different... READ COMMENT

Hi, everyone. I said I'd post on the duoderm-like stuff (heavens - now I can't remember what it was called - same stuff though) after I was done with it. So - had surgery on June 26th, so that makes me almost exactly 4 months post. I... READ COMMENT

Stay put and don't do too much - otherwise you are doing the right thing. I think it's overactivity that gets us - either stretching or just the weight of breasts from standing up or getting sweaty from either - that messes one up. ... READ COMMENT

I wore the "surgical bra" for about a month - until my follow up with PS and he said I didn't have to anymore - but when I didn't go braless I still wore the surgical bra with the gauze (no ointment ever) on until the wounds completely... READ COMMENT

That scab ripping off is so frustrating! After a few days of it that was my cue to quit using it an let it DRY and let the scab alone. Obviously if you have to go out in public a lot that's less of an option (depending on how you feel... READ COMMENT