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Implants Removed with Full Lift. So Far So Good, but Worried About Potential Complications, Particularly Tearing Incision?

After having breast implants for about 12 years, I decided to have them removed after growing much larger than I had once hoped to be. About 2 weeks ago, I finally did it as... READ MORE

When Are Amusement Park Rides OK After Breast Lift?

I had my breast implants removed with a lift on July 19th. I planned a trip to Disney World/Universal for Septemeber 14th, not thinking about if it would be an issue. Will I be... READ MORE

Areola Uneveness After Breast Lift?

I hade implants removed and a breast lift nearly 4 weeks ago. Things seem to be going well, however, I definitely see a noticeable difference in the size of my aeriolas, which... READ MORE

Crooked Smile and Tingly Half Lip? (photo)

I am 2 weeks out from getting a chin implant and half of my lower lip and chin is fine but the other half is and has been tingly/numb & feels swollen (looks normal), almost... READ MORE

When is a Chin Implant No Longer at Risk for Shifting?

I had a chin implant surgery 3 weeks ago and was wondering at what point is the implant no longer at risk for shifting, with the exception of direct blunt force. I am just a... READ MORE

IPL/photofacial and residual light melasma?

I was on bc pills for 10 years and developed upper lip melasma towards the end. Since going off 2 years ago it has faded and is now barely noticeable if at all noticeable, but... READ MORE