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Questions from MyLife21

Is There Any Other Way to Have a Taller Nose Beside Rhinoplasty or Fillers?

Well, I am an asian male, 17 years old and my dream is to have a taller nose but I have no idea whether going for rhinoplasty will be the right choice for me as I have heard of... READ MORE

How Can a Nose Job Cause Deaths?

Well, I might be planning to get a nose augmentation surgery. I found some articles about people who died after getting nose job. How can this happen??? Im worried too... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Nose Job by Using Your Own Bones Instead of Implants?

My life is in a very depressed state because I really want to change my appearance especially my nose. I have a small nose and my nose bridge don't grow much, I'm an asian male... READ MORE

Does Radiesse Cause Serious Diseases Such As Cancer?

I don't have much nose bridge and also my nose tip is not pointy enough. So, I'm planning to take Radiesse to build the bridge of my nose and for the nose tip too. Is Radiesse... READ MORE