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Replacing Crooked/too-short Permalip

I got permalip implants 4 years ago, 5 mm both lips. After healing I noticed the top tunnel went well above my wet dry line and landed in my mustache area. The bottom appeared to be placed significantly to the left and there was a visible "empty" spot. When I left my lips relaxed it created a very asymmetrical appearance almost like I had a stroke (not meant to be disrespectful) on top of... READ MORE

Just Had Rhinoplasty Today

I have wanted a rhinoplasty for years to correct my drooping tip, slight bump and just create an overall aesthetic nose. my doctor said that my results would be predictable and i would get what i asked for. I just got home and it was Very quick easy and so far painless I had Open rhinoplasty under twilight anesthesia I was in and out in less than 4 hours and I can tell that even with the... READ MORE

Waiting for Swelling to Reside - Sacramento, CA

I am tall, athletic and have large eyes, my lips were not thin but very small for my face and I've always wanted a bigger, sexier mouth. I tried Juvederm about 6 months ago and was happy with the look, but not the cost considering it dissolved after about two months. I researched Permalip for months before going ahead with it. I was nervous for the procedure but it was a breeze. They... READ MORE

Perfectly Content with my Implants - Dublin, CA

My breasts were extremely saggy and small after three years of nursing and a 60 pound weight loss, they were also very asymmetrical. I am only 23 and now have an athletic body so I was basically just waiting to finish nursing before getting them and I haven't regretted it for a moment. Totally worth the cost, the pain and I would do it again in a heartbeat. My only regret is that I wish they... READ MORE

Questions from Prettymama89

Is the Amount of Swelling I'm Experience One Day Post PermaLip Implants Normal? (photo)

I had PermaLip implants placed yesterday with a reputable doctor who had great results with his other patients, everything went great and I've had no complications thus far... READ MORE

Permalip implant migrating 10 months after procedure? (photo)

My lower implant was placed crooked. I learned to live with it. In the past 2-3 weeks suddenly have noticed the tip has moved up to the mustache area. When my mouth is relaxed... READ MORE

My surgeon broke my implant during placement (just found out) can I ask for compensation? (photo)

After corrective permalip surgery, my new doctor showed me that the original implant in my top lip was broken- the tip had been ripped off during placement. It created a blunt... READ MORE

Recent comments from Prettymama89

Thanks for letting me know! The dr reminded me I'm only 1.5 weeks post op and that I can take months! READ COMMENT

Thanks for taking the time to post that- I spoke with my dr and he assured me of the same, I miss that cute little nose I saw for the first day or two but as long as its coming back I can wait! Lol READ COMMENT

Thanks I use Wal-mart generic brand strips every few months! I like them the best and they're cheap. READ COMMENT

Thank you everyone for your kind words! I can definitely say this procedure was a good choice for me and not as "extreme" as I feared it might be READ COMMENT

My dr prescribed anti-anxiety medication to take the morning of so when I went in I was somewhat relaxed and as soon as the IV went in they administered something to calm me even more so despite having MAJOR anxiety in these situations... READ COMMENT