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OMG Don't do this. I will send you photos of my scar revision after this disgusting procedure. It cost me $16,500 to fix LSL. How can you entertain this at a 55% disatisfaction rate? Your a med professional. You need to heed the warnigs... READ COMMENT

There is a doctor in NY that specializes in scar revision. His name is Dr. Jacono and his website is if anyone is interested in having this disgusting procedure reversed, to a large extent, and then done... READ COMMENT

I am glad there is at least a few smart people such as yourself Pat. Do you see some of these dopey women who read this board then ask for a good LSL doctor? There are doctors however that are honest and will do an excellent job. I had... READ COMMENT

After reading all this you left a deposit and are reaching for "Positive" stories...LOL! Are you going to reinvent the wheel next? READ COMMENT