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A hidden gem, mega talented and pleasant

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Breast Lift

8 May 2017, Created 2 months ago

Mark P. Solomon, MD

5 out of 5 stars

I have to review Dr. Solomon because I see so little reviews and some of these other doctors here have dozens and hundreds (many undeserving) and Dr. Solomon is top of the line, a hidden gem. I traveled several times from New York City to Philadelphia to see him. Why would anyone in NYC bother going to a plastic surgeon in Philadelphia when NYC is practically the capital of plastic surgeons?... READ MORE

Dissolved Under Eye Bag from Old Juvederm - New York, NY

Dissolved under eye bag from old juvederm from 7 years ago. Somehow it started to get puffy a year ago and caused me to have an under eye bag. One doctor suggested to fill my cheeks to stretch it out and it didn't work. My new doctor suggested to dissolve just a tiny bit the old juvederm and it worked thank god!!! Hi, just wanted to upload a before and after side by side. Side by side READ MORE

Love the Results, I Hope They Last!

I'm in my mid twenties and had hollowness under my eyes ever since I was a kid. I guess it got slightly more pronounced as I got older so I had to get better at concealing it. I had good concealer days but you couldn't hide the tear trough depression no matter how great the concealer was so I finally decided to treat myself and get them filled in. I only got one syringe and used about one... READ MORE

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I don't think it affected my own tissue. omg I didn't even know that's a possibility! Sorry, not sure which brand she used. READ COMMENT

I have no idea how she knew, but I agreed with her, it just didn't seem like my own new baggy eye. For some reason my juvederm somehow ends up there, or migrates there, or gets pushed up there, not sure what is happening, but I'm... READ COMMENT

The area around the injection was swollen as you can see in the picture captioned as the day of injection, but the swelling went down the next day and looked great. I only had a very tiny amount objected though. A "whisper" as my doctor... READ COMMENT