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Reviews by mamaags

Partial Tummy Tuck W Ab Binding Back Together

Ok i had mine done last thursday jan 14th. so far so good im off all wk from work and cant drive but i have plenty of help. 1st few days were painful but its worth it. im swollen there but he took out some fluid yesterday and i go back to work on monday and go see him after again. i work out... READ MORE

The Marionette Lines Are Long Gone

I had this done on marionette lines and love it. It's been almost 2 yrs and its stayed with me. I hate seeing deep lines on any persons face. it gives you that smokers look or aged appearance READ MORE

Everyone Should Have This Done

I love white teeth and can not seem to understand why people do not choose to whiten their teeth. i have seen many smiles and when the teeth are not white and are yellow from smoking it ruins the whole look. Its not costly.. im single mom of 2 kids w lil support and work full time and i can... READ MORE

Silicone All the Way

I had saline back in 1999 done and just in nov 2008 i redid them w silicone just went 50cc bigger. he went under the breast same scar there. i love them... not too big but not small. im a 32d cup (34c) he gave me a lil off the price since ive had them done by him 10 yrs ago. READ MORE

Love Botox - 11 between my eyebrows and just tiny lines on my forehead - New Jersey

I am 37 and have great skin but i have that 11 between my eyebrows and just tiny lines on my forehead i go every 4 mos. and i only pay per unit as i dont need a full throttle on the botox. however i LOVE it... my sis and friends are miracle creams or serums can make lines... READ MORE

It Was Good but Yet It Has Its Downside

I had this done last yr but a local dr. im petite to begin with so i really didnt have much fat and i did it more for the skin tightening aspect as i have two kids.the goodside is that that flabbyness when i lean over is pretty much gone. the downside is that it left two decent size scars on... READ MORE

Questions from mamaags

Northern NJ Lasik Doctor Recommendation

I went to the Lasik ctr in paramus nj. they quoted me a price of 4,500.00 as my eyes are -3.75 and -3.50 they told me it goes by eye weakness and strength. Is this a good... READ MORE

Recommended Time Before Having Intercourse After Tummy Tuck?

How long must I wait to have intercourse after a Tummy Tuck? READ MORE

Looking for Vaginoplasty Experts in New Jersey?

I have seen this done on Dr. 90210 with Dr. Rey., a young single mom of two had this done and was very happy with her results.Is it just like a Tummy Tuck tightening back your... READ MORE

Where to Get Dysport in Northern New Jersey?

Hello. I have done Botox but heard Dysport lasts longer. I live in New Jersey area. Zip: 07508.I want to find someone who does this in my area so I can try it. I don't need... READ MORE

Discussions started by mamaags

More swollen after 4 weeks post tummy tuck?

Why do i seem more swollen after 4 wks tt w ab suture? READ MORE

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Hi applebee i dont love my final results. i wish i did. are u getting a full tt? i wished i had gotten that instead. my bb is slanted now and i feel as tho i was gonna have this hot belly and its just so so to me. as per the woman... READ COMMENT

I wish i had gotten the full tt but i really do not have the $$ rite now to redo anything. oh well. it just sounds like women on here who did the full tt are so happy w the outcome more so than the mini tt. i have a great ps but he... READ COMMENT

Hi ivanna. thx for ur email but yes im not goin to do anything more this was something i did want to do and yes i am also a size 2 no matter wut even before the procedure. if anything i put on a few lbs over the past year or so. but... READ COMMENT

Oh hun to have a baby after tt i would think will make the skin come back. tt is really only suppsoed to be for when ur done having babies. thats why i did mine im done having more kids READ COMMENT

Mine did tighten them but i still dont feel perfect as i expected it to be super flat it is not READ COMMENT