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Going for Round 2 with Hasan!! Previous Cardenas Doll and 5yr Update!

Omg...it's been 5 years since my BBL! I haven't seen anyone come bk after this long so I thought I'd check in. Please check first blog to catch up. I went to Dra Cardenas in Mexico in 2012 for a bbl. I must say...I have NOT lost any ass or hips!!! If anything, it has gotten bigger. I have exercised, lost weight, gained weight and this ass hasn't gone anywhere. She did a great job when it comes... READ MORE

Dra Cardenas 6 months po!! new pics up..who is working out? scared im gonna lose my ass but i need to work out!!

Hello everyone!! My time is near and figured this would be a good time to start shring my journey. Im 25 will be 26 aug 9th and have been researching means to get a big butt for 3 years now. I have done everything from hiring a weight training coach ( squats,squats,squats!!) rubbing fish oil on my bum LOL (i know) to taking supplements with no results. These things will never make me have big... READ MORE

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Your date is coming soon! READ COMMENT

Hey boo! where did you hear Hasan is leaving? Im scheduled in October with him READ COMMENT

I've had chin lipo and it's def worth it. I don't have before pics as well but had a round face. I was very swollen for the first few wks..VERY. It was like my chin got fatter lol but I would do it again. I worn the garment for a few... READ COMMENT

Do you have to disclose the reason for sx generally with your job for fmla purposes? READ COMMENT

Ohhh thanks babe!! Im gonna make one and be sure to add you. Thanks so much girl!!! READ COMMENT