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Tummy Tuck with Devastating Complications

I chose to have a tummy tuck after having 2 children left my stomach with a lot of lose skin and stretch marks as well as a 2" seperation in my stomach muscles. The procedure was extremely painful, which was not unexpected, but very soon, within a week, I began complaining to my Dr. that I was having a burning sensation in the lower part of my stomach. Every complaint was excused or... READ MORE

Questions from MHillman

Pain Management After Tummy Tuck

I am desperate for help! I had Tummy Tuck 19 months ago and almost immediately began having a horrible burning sensation in my lower abdomen (but the skin is still numb). My... READ MORE

Burning Sensation Months After Tummy Tuck

I had a Tummy Tuck 19 months ago. Almost immediately I began experiencing an intense burning sensation in my lower stomach, which my doctor dismissed. After seeing 2 other... READ MORE

Removing Permanently Damaged Nerves After Tummy Tuck?

I had a Tummy Tuck 19 months ago, and now have permanent nerve damage. An answer from one of the doctors to another post said that it could have been damage to 3 different... READ MORE

Neuromas After Tummy Tuck

I've seen a pain specialist and had a nerve block to diagnose the pain I'm experiencing after Tummy Tuck. This doctor concluded that it was at least one or more neuromas.... READ MORE

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At 4 months out I dont think there is any way you could "undo" your muscle repair. My PS released me to all exercises at 6 weeks. Although I tried i really could not do much with my abdominal muscles until 10 or 11 weeks out. But... READ COMMENT

Thank you both for your comments, I appreciate them. I do not think this nerve damage is that common, because noone in the town I live in, even the pain management specialist who has done nothing but pain management has seen it, the... READ COMMENT

First let me say how sorry I am for you! I know what it's like to be dissatisfied with your tuck. I woke up with a scar that all but 3 inches encircled my entire torso! We DEFINATELY did not agree on that, and I've had horrible... READ COMMENT

Hi itchy! I'm so sorry to hear of your complication following your tummy tuck. I too have had a complication from mine which was done 19 months ago. Instead of itching mine is INTENSE burning. It is in my lower tummy. It bagan... READ COMMENT

Rachael, Your results are absolutely beautiful and I am so happy for you. You are right about being comfortable with your surgeon. I went with the surgeon who had the best reputation in my town but didn't "feel" comfortablle with... READ COMMENT