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Questions from Mixy

I'm on a Budget of 5000 and I Really Want Butt Implants?

Hello I really want butt implants but I cant afford such an expensive procedure. Is there a physician that's more affordable for me in the New York City Area Thank You READ MORE

Is a little Lipo included in your practice for buttock implants?

Lipo a seperate surgery or included in Buttock implants surgery. Say a patient has little fat to be removed that would contour the butt nicely but arent big enough for BBL?? READ MORE

Do butt implants drop like breast implants do? (photo)

Hello I am 10 days post op (buttock implants) I have 310CC Im ok with the size BUT is it just swelling if so will my butt become smaller after Im fully healed?? Also the butt... READ MORE

I am 4 months post op Butt Implants and I have been dancing and/or exercising for the past 2 months and feel pain.

When I shake my butt or jump I feel pain and burning , I cannot due particular exercises neither also I can feel the implant on one side I had fluid buildup should I be worried... READ MORE

Butt Implant Trauma. Any suggestions?

I fell off a ladder from a high distance onto my butt mostly the top of it. Its very sore and i put ice on it. Will it create hematoma I had my implants for 2 years. Plus my... READ MORE

Butt implant removal or fat transfer? (Photo)

I had gotten 310CC implants Subfascial in 2014. Ive had problems with the left one since its been put in (Fluid buildup, pain and I have a dent on that side) The implant has... READ MORE

What happened to my butt implants? (Photo)

I got butt implants in 2014 subfascial 310CCs ever since my doctor put them in I've had complications. The left side created fluid that had to be drained during healing and... READ MORE

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Has Anyone Had Butt Implants Done by Dr Kenneth Francis

Im scheduled for surgery soon and I am getting nervous has anyone gotten butt implants done by Kenneth Francis in NYC READ MORE

Has anyone used Fundmydr finance company

Has anyone used Fundmydr? I do not want to use CareCredit there APR rate is too high plus I heard too many negative reviews READ MORE

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Don't panic and give yourself sometime to heal the results will then look different READ COMMENT

I have the same exact problem however my doctor is doing fat grafting so it can "pad" the area so you wont feel the outline and it wont be so "hard" because even if you remove them and place them under the muscle your butt is still not... READ COMMENT

Is ur implants placed subfascially or intramuscular I love ur booty READ COMMENT

I think you should have a consultation with another plastic surgeon READ COMMENT

Maybe you should think about butt implants READ COMMENT