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ArteFill - Horrible Decision - Madison, WI

I had ArteFill injected in 2011 and did not do my homework. The results were good for the first year and then bumps began appearing in the areas injected. I used prednisone for 7 months and the lumps resolved, but are now back. I have no idea if the lumps will get worse, get better, and am sick over it. I read what others have had to endure and hope for the best, but when it's your face and... READ MORE

Questions from paperdoll01

Will Palpable Lumps from Artefill Worsen to Become Visible?

I had an Artefill injection 14 months ago,1 syringe injected in right & left cheek and left NF. About 10 days ago I started feeling lumps form. Right now they are palpapble... READ MORE

How to tell if I have an Artefill granuloma and if so how should I manage?

In June 2011 I had an artefill injection. 1 syringe (total) with injection in both cheeks and nasal fold. In 2012 lumps began to form. Through treatment of prednisone the lumps... READ MORE

Are ArteFill granulomas "self limiting"?

I read this in a study and would appreciate if it could be confirmed or not. 'ArteFill granulomas are ‘self limiting’, that is, disappear spontaneously after 2 or 3 years eve... READ MORE

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Isn't that incredible! Mine did as well. She was telling me that this was so unusual and she could write a case study about me... until she let it slip she was treating another patient for the same issue. She even had the nerve to tell... READ COMMENT

Thank you for the kind note. No one has to believe what Isay, it is up to the individual to make an informed decision, so I don't feel compelled to have to post pics. For one, I am luck, my granulomas are barely visible. But, that's... READ COMMENT

Connieh56 did you under go the blepharoplasty? Just wondering what it involved and how the results are. I had artefill and had nodules appear in both cheeks. I'm interested to know how things are for you. Thanks! READ COMMENT

Los Angeles 8432, I am battling the same issue. I had artefill in 2011. 14 months later I started getting lumps at the injection sites. I was on prednisone for about 9 months and the lumps went away. In the past few weeks they have... READ COMMENT

Hey there, it's pill form. I started out on 20 mg back in November and am at 5 mg now. I can't even feel the lumps, however, when the dosage is dropped than I start to feel the lumps. It's been a very slow process. I was just in the... READ COMMENT