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It can and it does...last treatment and being my third time ,I am afraid to do it again for that reason and want to get rid of my wrinkles, but very afraid to do so READ COMMENT

I must be insane but do have an appointment on Thursday for a botox forehead lift again, third time but had some horrible things happened the last time...should I cancel READ COMMENT

Still a mess, I feel sooooooo bad for you......I went through hell as you know for weeks and was horrified to see someone that knew me so instead became house bound for that time...now forehead wrinkles have been back for some time and... READ COMMENT

Hope your eyelids don't droop READ COMMENT

In canada ....ontario i paid 360.00 for botox on forehead and about 200,00 more to try and get my dropped eyelids looking normal and couldn't until 2 mths after the injection............not what i wanted.....so much stress! READ COMMENT