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Hourglass TT with Lipo & Fat Transfer to Hips - Houston, TX

I am super nervous this time around. I was charmed and sold a dream on my bbl last Nov. I am so ready to get my hourglass shape so along with tightening my abs I'm getting HIPS! Never had hips so hopefully this helps to give me more curves and an overall better look. Orginally I was going to get my breast lift with implants at the same time but now I am going to wait. I think I will be in too... READ MORE

Post-lipo Hardening Has Got to Go! - Houston, TX

A friend suggested this treatment saying its better than massage and speeds up the recovery post-lipo. I'm willing to give it a try since I have serious hardening on my inner thighs and I just can't stand it! It looks bad and feels even worse than it looks. Everybody says its normal and yo give it time. Some say it takes 4-6 months to return to normal. That is too long to wait. I need to do... READ MORE

more pics Been gone for a min Now I'm back! 4mo post-op Dr. Jimerson

I want to start off by thanking I love watching dreams come true for people just like me. We are all here for the same reason and the beauty of each persons story is what motivated me to "make it happen". Hopefully I can be a help to somebody else here. I have never had a butt. Boy shape with a C cup. No hips or nothing. I'm top heavy (fat arms, back fat, and belly) if I... READ MORE

Questions from Desired1

Having an Hourglass Tummy Tuck and Would Like to Know Where Will my Natural Belly Button Be with the Lower Incision? (photo)

I most be missing information with this TT belly button thing. Looking at my natural belly button it's not bad to me. There's just some wrinkled skin around it and a few light... READ MORE

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Thx Luv! I'm looking to go soon. Like around the end of September :-) READ COMMENT

They took a very long time to get back to my emails. They never got my questions answered. My quotes and procedures were wrong on paper. My phone calls aren't returned. I had to beg and beg for the time and attention I needed. It was... READ COMMENT

I want to get in with Duran ASAP. Do u think she can fit me in and we can buddy? READ COMMENT

Thank for the good luck wish. I'm trying hard to fight my nerves but I'm thinking if I should just get the ab muscle repair with lipo and fat to my hips. I know I'll still have the hip to hip scar but I should be as low as my c-section... READ COMMENT