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Treatment Review

Hollow eyes needed filled in


18 Feb 2017, Created 1 month ago

Having my tear troughs filled in was the best decision, I have no idea why I didn't do it sooner. My eyes were very hollow/dark looking, and I wouldn't step out of the house without under eye concealer. Like walking dead cast member. So I had to do something. As always Dr Guy made it super easy,... READ MORE

Doctor Review

He is fantastic!

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18 Feb 2017, Created 1 month ago

William Marshall Guy, MD

5 out of 5 stars

He is so terrific and funny! I've gone to him many times for Botox, Juvaderm, Restalyn, and Kybella. Each time he is always incredibly engaging and knowledgeable. Anything I am nervous or hesitant about, he explains fully and makes sure I'm always 100% comfortable. He is very experienced and everything he has done has always turned out beautifully. I NEVER experience pain with any of the... READ MORE

Treatment Review

Want sleeker jaw and neck


18 Feb 2017, Updated 9 days ago

Well I think I still see progress, maybe it's my mind, but my jaw line seems just a little bit more defined, even on my "fleshier" side. I put the BEFORE and today's picture side by side and I do see a tightness. I'm going in tomorrow for some other fillers so we shall see what he says. I'm to... READ MORE

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2 vials the first treatment. I don't know if I would need 2 the next time as I'm not going in till the 31st. READ COMMENT

Good luck! It's a breeze if you just don't mind the puffy chin for a bit, I'm an impatient person lol so this is a good lesson for me. Arnica is the best! :) READ COMMENT

Thanks! Actually, I can't really remember, I am thinking 3/4 of a syringe, Restylane. I am pretty sure there was some left for touch ups. READ COMMENT

Isn't he is amazing? I was really nervous too, but he completely numbs you, and is ultra conservative, very gentle, zero pain! I love how he listens to you, and to what you want and the look you want etc. Good luck! READ COMMENT

Good luck! Patience is key. Get scarves/turtlenecks ready if you feel self conscious! :) it's an odd feeling for a few days! READ COMMENT