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Isolaz for Sudden Adult Acne!!

I had never had acne in my life. Not even in my teen years. I am 36, and suddenly, a few weeks ago, I broke out in pimples all over my jaw line and upper neck. I was really upset. I went to Dr. Gidon to get the pimples extracted, and then I got Isolaz. There was an immediate noticeable... READ MORE

Derma-pen with Dr. Gidon - Toronto, ON

I had my first derma-pen treatment with Dr. Gidon, and I have already booked two more! Derma-pen (also called "micro-needling") is great because it can focus on specific areas. For me, this is the fine lines around the mouth, above the lip, and around the eyes. I also had my neck done. There was... READ MORE

Super Fraxel - Toronto, ON

For those who are annoyed with the fine lines that protrude from the mouth area, as I have been, or any areas in the "lower face" area, I highly recommend getting Fraxel laser with Dr. Gidon (Toronto). After one treatment, I noticed a difference (ie., the fine lines were less noticeable), and I... READ MORE

Mesotherapy: Rested and Glowing Face! - Toronto, ON

I had mesotherapy on my face with Dr. Gidon.I wanted a natural and non-invasive anti-aging procedure that would rejuvenate my skin. I asked Dr. Gidon if what I'd heard about mesotherapy (ie., that it promotes the production of collagen and elastin in my face) was true, and whether it would be... READ MORE

Thermage Was Definitely Worth It! - Toronto, ON

I had Thermage (face) last summer with Dr. Gidon, and I am thrilled with the results. I wanted to smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles on my face, and to just get a more "fresh" look.I also didn't want any down time. I was surprised that the "results" (improvements) really did continue to... READ MORE