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Surgery to Reduce Size of Cheekbones and Make Face Longer?

I'm a 16 year old male and my cheekbones stick outa lot and my face is quite short. How can I improve this? READ MORE

Dark Circles on 16 Years Old Male?

Hi, I am a 16 year old boy with dark under eye circles. I have tried all creams and get enough sleep and drink plenty of water but they are still there. How can I get rid of them? READ MORE

Restylane Surgery for 16 Year Old (Dark Circles) in London?

H, my 16 year old son has dark circles and wants to get rid of them with restylane but because of his age I am yet to find someone willing to do it. Does anyone know someone in... READ MORE

Cheekbone Reduction For My 17 Year Old Son?

Hi, My son is 17 years old with prominent cheekbones. He wants to get cheekbone reduction and has found someone who is willing to do it. Is 17 too young or will it be fine? READ MORE

Dying Eyebrows (Eyebrow Transplant)?

Hi, I had an eyebrow transplant and want to dye my hair so need to dye my eyebrows too. Can I dye them without the risk of them falling out? Thanks READ MORE

Cheekbone Reduction to Get More Masculine Cheekbones?

Hi, I'm male and have very feminine cheekbones at the moment (very large and prominent). Is there a way to make them smaller and more masculine like male models? Thanks READ MORE

Asymmetrical Cheekbones?

Hi, I have asymmetrical cheekbones. One sticks out too far and I wondered what I could do to change this. Thanks READ MORE

Using Melanotan and Getting Restylane Injection?

Hi, I use melanotan 1 (to get a tan) but have dark under eye circles so I want to get them removed. Would this affect anything? thanks READ MORE

Can I Still Get a Chin Implant with an Overbite?

Hi, I have a slight overbite. Would i still be able to get a chin implant and what would be the average cost? thanks READ MORE

Will a Jaw Implant Make my Cheekbones Less Noticeable?

H, I'm a male with high cheekbones but I feel my lower face is lacking. My cheekbones stick out quite a bit at the moment and. Am wondering if a jaw implant would make it look... READ MORE

Whats the Most Vertical Projection a Chin Implant Can Give?

I need a chin implant but I need some vertical projection too. I have heard of sliding genioplasty but If I have that I think it's more expensive than a chin implant so what is... READ MORE

Is There Such a Thing As Extended Anatomical SQUARE Chin Implant?

Hi, I'm looking to get an extended anatomical chin implant to get some vertical projection but I would also like my chin to be made mode square like. Is there such a thing?... READ MORE

Just had a chin implant with wings but one wing is sticking out?

I had a chin implant 11 days ago and the swelling is basically non existent now but onw of the wings is sticking out. I had thought that the wing was getting less noticeable... READ MORE

When will eye color changing become a reality?

I've heard about the eye colour change surgery but have heard reports that it is dangerous still. When do you think it would become a reality to be able to change eye colour? READ MORE

Can you use filler on the inner upper eyelid?

I have upper eyelid exposure and especially on one side (mostly the inner upper eyelid). I read somewhere on the internet that the inner third of your upper eyelid cant be... READ MORE

How to achieve bigger masseter muscle?

Models tend to have bigger masseter muscles. And on one side it is bigger and shows when I clench down which I prefer. But on the other side my masseter muscle does not show.... READ MORE