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Fillers under eyes after surgery.

Has anybody had fillers injected under their eyes after surgery?  My doctor did a horrible job on my lower bleph - even though mine was transj. I still have a deep hollow... READ MORE

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No, too afraid. READ COMMENT

Yes. I have only had the one surgery. Have not done a correctional surgery because I am too afraid. READ COMMENT

Hi Jacqui. I have not been on this site in a while. I am curious if you ever had the surgery? I can still send pics if you like - if I can figure out how to do it. READ COMMENT

Yes he did discuss this with me - he repositioned the fat - did not remove any. What he DID NOT tell me is that it would take a year to recover and that I would be trading the bags for a ton of wrinkles. I still have horrible bags,... READ COMMENT

I had lowers done with him and I'm very disappointed and have to have it redone now. READ COMMENT