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I also used Dr. Glassman and thought he was great. I had my reduction about three years ago, shortly before turning 50. I soooo wish I had done it many, many years ago, so kudos to you! I hope you have a speedy and pain-free recovery... READ COMMENT

I had separation at the "T" junction (where the incisions meet) under both breasts that didn't seem to want to heal. My surgeon cut away that thin layer of white skin that was covering them (from your pics, it looks like your doc did... READ COMMENT

So glad to hear you're on the right path and getting closer to being able to check the "worth it" box. It's been almost 10 weeks since my surgery, and my last opening is finally just about completely closed. I'm constantly being... READ COMMENT

I've been gone for over a week and just finished reading your updates. I'm glad you're getting proper care. It's been a few more days since your last post, are you feeling better? READ COMMENT

Since your surgeon is too far away to see, go to a wound care center (google it), and have them take a look at it ASAP. Have you been taking your temperature (high temp is one sign of infection). Anyway, don't mess with it - get... READ COMMENT