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We should all just meet up and maybe we all might feel better. Learning to accept it is the part that i need to overcome. It will take me so much time. I happy for you Happy girl that you have got through this. READ COMMENT

Jolly i pray that a cure does come and to be honest i have a little hope. I lost my partner, the girl i career has suffered as a result...i don't socialise. . everytime i try to hide my face. It's a living nighmare for me.... READ COMMENT

Lets pray there are some advances in B.N treatments. Hope its not to late. READ COMMENT

I've just told to where a cream by a leading determoligist from Birmingham, the Skin Clin. My skin tone is light brown. I did ask for the make up she said it will look obvious as i have the B.N in the Beard. On top of that I'm keeping a... READ COMMENT

Where did you get this information from. I have it on my face and i just want it faded ..i understand that it will not be gone but JOLLY who quoted you that price in the USA? If you do i would go with you tbh...i have no choice its on... READ COMMENT