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A Really BIG Mistake - Jacksonville, FL

Hi, Well long story short I was young and dumb and I got a really huge tattoo. I didn't like the small one I had on my back so I end up covering it up. Then I kept adding and addding and ended up making it so big that it wrapped all the way around me. I have a large, very black tattoo, but fortunately its over 13 years old so hopefully it can fade faster. Now that I'm older and wiser (not... READ MORE

For the New Me - Jacksonville, FL

I'm 5'1'' and 113lbs. Mommy of two and military wife. My pregnancy balloned me up 70 lbs so it did a number to my mid section and now I'm left with skin. I have to tuck it in my pants how embarrassing. I'm going to do full tummy tuck and upgrading my breast implants. I originally have saline 210cc above the muscle and switching to 450-500cc silicone under the muscle. Don't know which yet but... READ MORE

I Want to Wear Shorts - Jacksonville, FL

Ok I'm a short and athletic chick. I work out but I eat whatever I want I'm not going to pretend I'm some health nut but I do enough to be in a healthy range in medical standards. I live in Florida and everybody wears shorts but I don't because I hate the back of my legs and rear. So I finally decided to do the procedure on Feburary 4th. The numbing hurt like a bad dog but it was... READ MORE

Please Be Realistic and Patient - Jacksonville, FL

I'm keeping it short and sweet. I worked out couldn't get the results I want I opted for the procedure. A bit of nausea and drainage but after that I was up and around. The recovery was amazing quick walking around like nothing and was able to run after eleven days after the surgery. Waiting and the compression garment was a pain because we all want that instant gratification. After two... READ MORE

Questions from Shorty02

Cellulaze Vs Slim/ Smart Lipo?

Hi I was wondering how does Cellulaze differ from Slim/Smart Lipo? Both some what consists with a lasar melting fat and that same lasar to the skin for a skin tightening effect... READ MORE

Second Cellulaze Treatment?

I was wondering if a second cellulaze treatment with the skin tightening effect only would be useful if the the first attempt was a failure? I'm asking since my results seem to... READ MORE

How hot does Trusculpt have to be in order to be effective?

I know it starts low and you can crank it up higher if you tolerate it,but what if they cannot and only stay at the starting temperature? READ MORE

Recent comments from Shorty02

Hi, It's awesome to see these type of results, so do you feel tanning helps in fading it faster during this whole process? READ COMMENT

It's a picosecond laser, to be exact it's a dual wavelength picosure laser by cureta. Chijaded is right. READ COMMENT

I use the palmer's vitamin E oil. I seems to work and leaves my skin real soft and smooth. I'm really scarred and the laser has help my scars to flatten and smooth out so I'm elated for the results despite the pain. Head up and positive... READ COMMENT

Thanks. Fortunately I have mastered wound care especially blisters, but I seem to be more worried about the amount of swelling I have. It extends way beyond my tattoo and its raised substantially in comparison to the other treatments. READ COMMENT

The facility uses numbing cream and it works on some spots and then other spots do not take, which sucks because those are the more sensitive areas. I bring ice packs to help but at time the cold makes me tattoo burn even more. I have... READ COMMENT