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Belle you look awesome! I attended the open house on the new procedure. No incisions, draining, bleeding, same cost, no downtime, permanent. I've seen people first hand who had it done...smooth results. It's called Cool Sculpting'... READ COMMENT

Hi everyone, I haven't been on in a while, I had my 'procedure' in July and all I can say is to try to have patience. I have a couple lumps on my tummy, doc says its scar tissue, but my back is smooth. If I take off on jog, or run up... READ COMMENT

Are you doing better? My numbing didn't feel like it worked either...I have an extreme high tolerance for novacaine and he was using lidocaine. I asked if that would matter and he pretty much dismised me. I was also was writhing in... READ COMMENT

Hi, I too have some small hard painful to the touch bumps on my tummy - that weren't there prior to SL. I too have had 1 velasmooth session. It was recommended I wear my garment so the machine didn't suck the tender skin to hard and I... READ COMMENT

@tirebelly - I agree with BellaG - don't suffer, call you doctor, he can prescribe something for nausa - I can't imagine vomiting with all that pain after that procedure either. Amazing you didn't feel anything during the procedure,... READ COMMENT