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Right that was my thing.. We all had a epidural & I've never heard of somebody hullusinating.. Ppl was just bullying her n talking shit. She never had anesthesia so I don't know y ppl are trying to force that on her. Smh READ COMMENT

The point was dr.yily didn't preform her surgery and during she was assaulted. @girlygily no one is lying to u READ COMMENT

Sorry but I didn't read a lot of support.. Ppl were trash talking her just for her review. It was sad and I was annoyed by it. I don't like bullies, and ain't no way in hell yal can tell her she was hullusinating off a epidural. But I'm... READ COMMENT

This was done in a whole different country tho.. Things are done differently over there.. We all had c-sections, but your awake with the epidural and that's all she had so she was awake as well to know everything that was going on READ COMMENT

It's makes u feel weird .. I felt just fine with mine.. But it wasn't her epidural that was the problem if u read it correctly. The problem was dr.yily should've did her her surgery & she didn't .. The guy who did it was doing her... READ COMMENT