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No-no, I feel good about him. I had some positive intuition about him from the beginning: I've checked four doctors from the rating site and I selected him. Another onei'd called for the appointment gave me appointment within three... READ COMMENT

Piggles, you are looking fantastic! I had my consultation this week - the waiting list is for 2-4 months. I hope it would not be a Christmas week... They didn't show to me any pictures; they said that they never show pictures... I... READ COMMENT

Hello everyone! hello Piggles! I'm still reading all stories here and that supports me a lot. Piggles, I love to read all your comments and descriptions - I pray to follow your experience and still waiting for my August 28... READ COMMENT

Hi Piggles! You look REALLY GREAT! That's like a dream transformation! My colleague said to me that she was in horrible pain for about 10 days after surgery (she did it 17 years ago) and when I told her about you she could not believe... READ COMMENT

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! Sorry, I could not hold my tears...I saw your pictures of new you - that's fantastic! For me it's still a dream... How do you feel now? Is it very painful? READ COMMENT