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Oh god my cell changes the words,I ment since I'm latina and mendieta READ COMMENT

Wow I gotta say for me since I'm patina Mendota would do the trick..I like the figure he gives be honest I've seen salamas work too but I've noticed he focuses on giving a big butt more then anything..he gives good results... READ COMMENT

My bad I didn't had posted pictures up....thank you thank you! I am loving your results :) your body is banging! And thank you for being so helpful and patient with us girls by posting new pictures =). READ COMMENT

No worries :) I'm sure as soon as your done recovering you're guna go crazy playing around with all kinds of clothes, what counts is what you said about your self esteem going up im really happy for you,this is what it's all about :) READ COMMENT

Forgot to ask. Did you got what he calls the S curve buttock? READ COMMENT