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Jlsb98: Yeah, just take the pain meds as you need them. The pain does eventually lessen every day and if you're paying attention, your body will tell you when you can start lowering the dose & waiting longer. READ COMMENT

Take a deep breath & I think things will go better than you're fearing! Take your pain pills, take a few weeks off work, get lots of rest during the recovery, and get support from friends & family. You're the size I was & am now about... READ COMMENT

I have BCBS and had about 540 removed from my right breast and 375-ish from the left. I had a MUCH larger right breast so they made an exception I guess because it was supposed to be 540 from each side (but then I'd have been... READ COMMENT

Oh, also! neck/shoulder/back pain is completely gone, and I've already EASILY found 4 tops in my first shopping trip that fit nicely! I could never find anything that didn't fit completely skin-tight before my surgery. READ COMMENT

Hi all--what a great site! I just want to share my experience with the pain in recovery since I must have less of a pain tolerance than many seem to. I tried weaning off the pain meds a week after surgery due to HARD pressure from... READ COMMENT