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I Had 3 Vials of Radiesse Injected Mostly on my Cheekbone, a Bit in the Hollows of my Cheek. Is This Normal? (photo)

She made a point of tapping the bone with the needle, said it would last longer. I have not seen anyone else using this method.Now 7 weeks have past and it looks like it has... READ MORE

Radiesse on Actual Cheekbone? (photo)

Is this a usual procedure to place the Radiesse on the bone itself? I wanted the filler because of the hollow look to my face. After 3 vials and 7 weeks these are the results. READ MORE

4 Vials of Radiesse Only Lasted 6 Months?

I had almost three vials put on the actual cheekbone( was told this should last 12-18 months and will not create the lasting collagen). Remainder to fill the cheek hollows.... READ MORE