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Plastic Surgeon Areas of Expertise?

If a Plastic Surgeon offers several procedures, how do you know which ones they are most proficient at? Would it be the ones they are doing most? Would a large amount of before... READ MORE

Facelift While Botox or Fillers Still Active?

Is it safe to have a facelift when Botox or cosmetic fillers are still in effect, or would it be better to wait until they have worn off? Will the Botox or filler have any... READ MORE

Can I Use Botox and Restylane if I Have a Movement Disorder?

I Have Fibomyalgia+facial Neuralgia. Botox Injected. Face is Having More Spasms in Cheeks. I have been sent to a Movement Disorder Neurologist.The spasms are also in my body.If... READ MORE

Botox Worked for Occular Neuraligia: Will Other Fillers Work for Facial Spasms?

I have had blepharitus and I have the tear duct tubing put in them. I had so much fluttering & eye pain, medictaion wasn't wokring. I have occular neuralgian and Botox... READ MORE

Botox for Occular Neuralgia and Forehead Lines?

They were successfully treated with Botox. I did also notice after that my foehead looks looser and has more thin lines. The line where the injections didn't go to. How do... READ MORE

I Have Hemi Faciail Neuralgia, Fibromyalgia and I Have Had Botox .Is a Facelift an Option?

I have had plstic surgey 10 years ago. I healed slowly and that was the only trouble. I have seen specialists regarding the facial ticks and do well with Botox. I want to have... READ MORE

I've Heard Conflicting Things About Getting A Facelift After Botox Injections. What Really is Right?

Some of you say absolutely safe to have Facelift with Botox injections that have already been done. On the other hand I am getting warnings of that it is a bad idea and wait... READ MORE

Are Facelifts Becoming Less Expensive Because of a Rise In Non-Surgical Facelifts?

Now that Botox fillers and more non invasive surgery available do you find that you are doing less facelifts due to the costs? Do most of you offer work without increasing the... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for a Facelift in Illinois

I have Fibromyalgia and have had Botox. Now I want a Facelift. READ MORE

What Comes First Dental Work or Facial Work?

I have been planning having some facial work done...most likely a face lift. I went to the dentist and need to have work done on my teeth and gums. I think I know already but... READ MORE

If You Get a Necklift Will It Affect a Future Facelift?

I am able to hold off on a facelift until next year. I am keeping things at bay with Dysport and Restylane I do though have a neck problem with soft beginning of a sagging... READ MORE

I Leave for NV on Wednesday I Will Be 800ft Up. Okay to Get a Little Botox 5 Days Before?

Hi, I had dysport and Botox injected in Novemeber not alot for I was afraid of bruising I was seeing old friend's. I just need a little touch up I go to NV for 3 1/2 months... READ MORE

Had Botox and Juvederm before Moving to Cold Climate. Now My Eyes Are So Dark Underneath and Crepy, What Can I Do?

I'm in Incline Village,NV. One day before I came here 12/27/2011 I had Botox and Juvederm injections. The climate here is destroying my skin. Is it possible that this... READ MORE

Turning 60 Suddenly Undereye Crepiness and Darkness in NV- Is It The Climate or Something Else?

I live in Chicago. I am turning 6-OMG in April and since I have been in NV I have noticed when I smile much crepiness under the eyes plus dark pigmnetation under them.I had... READ MORE

According to Dr. on E! News This is Lunchtime Procedure

I saw Dr. Paul Nasiff on E! News explain what seemed like fillers and plasma for 2800.00 and off you go to lunch. I did my own research that said it takes at least 6-8 weeks to... READ MORE

In This Heat Wave is Having Restylane and Botox Affected? Should You Wait?

It has been 110 with heat index and I am wondering if this effects having Restylane injections or Botox? Does heat on th face change the outcme? Belledajour READ MORE

Looking for A BCPS In Illinois That Specilaizes or Does Mostly Work on Faces,facelifts to Be Exact?

Hello, I am leaving to reside in Nevada in January. I want to have my facelift in Chicago or the Western Suburbs. I need feedback from Drs. and patients who can give me input.... READ MORE

I Need to Have Dental Work for Receding Gums and Scaling?

I had gingivitus and gum disease runs in our family.Hadn't seen a periodontist for years after my last appointment my Fibromyalgia goes into overdrive. I followed up. I am... READ MORE

Moving to NV I Want to Have a Facelift. Had Altitude Sickness Last Year. Does Altitude Affect Recovery?

In Feb of 2013 we will be staying in Incline Village,NV. We are looking at homes at a lower level for permanent residence ..In this time I was hoping to have my facelift. I am... READ MORE

Lower Face lift Being Scheduled w Dorsal hump fix. Can Severe Spheroid Sinusitis Affect Surgery?

Only the lower part of my face and neck are being addressed.My forehead is fine. I do have Solenoid Sinusitis and have been having so much trouble with facial pain I have... READ MORE

Why do doctors in Nevada not offer Botox or services on Saturdays?

Most women try to fit the time and money into a working schedule. Time off, money lost, and no day to take yourself for a relaxing "me time" either alone or with friends. So... READ MORE

Endoscopic or Browlift? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty, fat injections in my cheeks neck done. Neck needs to be redone.I noticed my forehead was getting very crepey than . My Dr. said he didn't want me to have a... READ MORE

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I am being sent back and forth for Botox for medical reasons why is it so ?

I was diagnosed with Occukar Neuropathy terated with Botox and it worked. I camw back to the Dr who because I was having some other muscle twitiches to got to a movemnt... READ MORE

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I have always been very careful in checking out the Drs. or faciliites I am going to use. Joan Kron of Allure magazine once told us "you get what you pay for" is very true as well as be informed first. I have had Juvederm in my NLF's... READ COMMENT

Dr. Stevens thank you for your time and wisdom. Might I ask you if a neck lift that is really a result of bad lipo 10 years ago can be best treated?The neck is just sort of jiggly under the chin where it never quite healed right. An RN... READ COMMENT

I wish there was a an actual way to make all these things disapear. I would call it TRANSPORT for it could take us back to when we needed not to pay for our transforming our older faces and have the wisdom without the cost and emotional... READ COMMENT

Well I must tell you he is a beautiful man and as he ages that is his choice. Apaarenntly he has strong views on it he has spoken out about being in Hollywood and looking at the back of a a passing jogger" women who look absolutely... READ COMMENT

I was diagnosed with Blepharitus and was treated for it withrestasis, gel and drops. When it didn't get better I was seen by a surgical Opthamologist in my eye Drs. practice who said I had an optical neuralgia so she gave me the... READ COMMENT