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If you are unhappy with the rest of your body, we could trade mine ism"t as nice as yours. I'--/-m. The once very slim girl who is now a chubby old gal READ COMMENT

I couldn't successfully nurse my first one in 85. The pain was horrific and my nipples bled. Of course hr sucked like a demon. The next child I 87 was a dream, no problems at all. The third in 89 was ok but slightly bored by it all... READ COMMENT

My implants were sent to pathology and I did receive separate billing for that, but it wasn't a huge amount after the insurance paid their part and it was like four months before I received their bill. I was beginning to think ther... READ COMMENT

I'm 62. I had implants for 37 years. I wanted them out about 5 years after they were placed. They were removed this past march. I didn't find this site till after, but think it is great. I read these two books after and thought... READ COMMENT

Demi: I cannot get you out of my mind sweetie. More than anything I want you to feel great emotionally. You need to have a stern conversation with your emotions and settle this thing about the shape of your boobs. They most always... READ COMMENT