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No Folded Eyelids Only Left SCAR - Cancun, Mexico

Eyelids left scar only. Just scar without crease folding. If you want to see picture in this matter, pls refer to the questions to the doctors on my profile. The doctor told me that it would be folded as time went, but after more than seven months, it left scars only scars. I raised the issue with this, but Sheri and the doctor did not respond to any. The cost USD 8000 includes... READ MORE

Nose Crooked, Bulky Tip, Skin Damaged, Redness Infection Pressure from Three Ear Cartilages - Cancun, Mexico

About my nose (redness, tilting to the right, and bigger nose tip), my surgeon saw this as a natural healing process (the ear cartilages joining my original nose tip) asked me to wait and it will be okay according to the July 5th email with my surgeon, then silence forever about the issue (he never asked or mentioned the nose issue, neither did the coordinator). However, a lot of surgeon... READ MORE

Questions from MexicoAmericadisaster

Left Neck Swollen and Chin is Swollen Four Weeks After Face Lift Surgery? (photo)

I think I got hematoma on my neck which affects chin swelling. My doctor asks me to wait for another 2-3 weeks when I asked about it early this month. He did not clarify what... READ MORE

Nose Tip is Like a Ball with Its Center Red After 4 Weeks. Will the Redness Go Away? If So, When? (photo)

My surgeon rebuilt just my tip of nose using ear cartilage 4 weeks ago. Two concerns: 1. The center of the nose tip is red. My doctor says it is healing process to reconnect to... READ MORE

Facelift Cannot Fix Nasal Fold and Pouty Mouth? (photo)

Four weeks after facelift. When swollen, no nasal fold and pouty mouth. However, as the swollen subside over time, the nasal fold and pouty mouth got back to my face. After... READ MORE

I Wonder if Tissue Grafting Can Fix the Nasolabial Fold Sulcus and Drooping Corners of the Mouth?

Some interesting stuff from Korean Plastic website with regards to lower part of face including nasal and drooping month end. It is as follows: Take some of the tissue (dermis)... READ MORE

Pulsed Dye Laser Can Be Replaced by Palovia Skin Renewing Laser As a Way of Blood Clot or Hematoma Treatment?

I have read blood clot or hematoma on the neck is common after face lift. I have also learned that Pulsed Dye Laser is effective to treat the issue. I wonder if palovia skin... READ MORE

Producing a Predictable Eventual Outcome in the Refinement of Nasal Tip Surgery Takes Reconstruction of the Fundamental Anatomy?

I expected and addressed a little higher nose (middle) without any change on the upper part of nose while the tip of nose refined. I guess it takes the fundamental anatomy of... READ MORE

30 Days After Double Eye Surgery: Half of Crease is Not Folded? (photo)

I have had about 2mm high double eye lids. After surgery, I got about 10 mm high double eye lids while still original double lid on the right eye is visible. The half of newly... READ MORE

Just Bump or Lump, or Blood Clot or Hematoma, or Just Swelling on my Left Neck? (photo)

I posted similar questions and found out the pictures did not capture the condition on my left neck. Overall after surgery, I got more swollen on the left than right side. Left... READ MORE

Skin Thinner Along with Redness, Hardness, Dent, and Something Shown Inside Redness No Pain Though? (photo)

Ball nose tip with titling toward right very noticeable. Still taking antibiotics/inflammation from my county. I am living in the US. My surgeon in Mexico said no problem &... READ MORE

Suture (Stitch/Thread) Remaining After Surgery is Ok?

After face lift, my surgeon took out suture (thread) and then I found out more sutures. So, my coordinator helped me visit and a nurse took care of. However, I still found more... READ MORE

10 Mm is Human Ideal Eyelid High According to my Surgeon, is It True? or Is It Coming from Colonial Thought? (photo)

This is what I think: For the look, variation across ethnicity. Also variation within ethnicity. Serving different ethnicity and individual the same within ethnicity, based on... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Take Antibiotic and Antiflammable Tablets for More Than One Month?

I have been taking antibiotic and antiflammable tablets more than dosage that I brought from my country since I have very much worried about the redness on my nose (infection).... READ MORE

Thread Lifting Effect and Remaining over Life Time, is It Good to Take Them out or Let It Absorb Itself? (photo)

12 thread lifting over 2011 and 2012/informed it last 2-3 years, collagen produced around thread, no harm/absorption. over time I noticed the effect did not last long. 6/19/12... READ MORE

Two Concerns with Eye Lid Surgery-36 Days After Surgery? (photo)

It being said eye pictures are vague, be clear here. Asian, had about 2mm high eye lids (getting narrower outward.) asked a possible way to get parallel (even) or wider. Now... READ MORE

After Brow and Facelift, Is Hair Loss Common (photo)?

My surgery was on June 19th, 2012. More than 8 weeks has passed. My hair did not come out. Some of surgeons I met mentioned my hair loss would be permanent. At the best, one... READ MORE

Nylon Suture Here and There After Facelift on June 19th, 2012. Isn't It Harmful if It Remains over my Life? (photo)

Now 73days after a facelift and brow lift, hair loss directly from scarring was noticed by Dr. Russo (head and face surgeon) in Carle general hospital, two Korean... READ MORE

Which is Better on What Condition? Another Treatment After Scar Revison for Hair Loss: Scar Revion Or/and Hair Implant? (photo)

I did scar revision on Aug. 31st, 2012 for the hair loss cased by the brow and facelift on June 19th, 2012 in Mexico. Although the scar size narrows down to about half size,... READ MORE

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