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How Can You Tell if Any Damage Has Occurred to the Repaired Abdominal Muscles?

Four weeks ago today I had an abdominalplasty. After 3 pregnancies I wanted my diastis repaired. I am wondering how do you know if your muscles have been damaged and are no... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of a Tummy Tuck Scar?

I just had surgery four weeks ago and I can now start applying products to my scar. What do you recommend that works the best for fading a scar? Do the OTC products really... READ MORE

What Can I Do About the BB Scar from the TT?

I have had a TT 7wks ago.I am curious as to why I have a scar around the BB.I didn't expect it to be so noticeable.My doc says Laser will help it to fade quicker.I want to wear... READ MORE

I Have Saline Implants and Have Always Wanted Larger Implants That Are Silicone?

What type of procedures are involved in replacing saline implants with silicone? Also, I want to be larger. I made the mistake of giving my surgeon the decision in choosing the... READ MORE

Should I Still Be Wearing Spanx at 8wks Post Op After TT with Flank Lipo?

I am a small framed female at 5'2'' and weigh about 125 to 127lbs.I had TTw/flank lipo.I had very little swelling.However, the last 2 wks I have noticed some laxity in my... READ MORE

How Long Do You Wear a Compression Garment After at TT with Lipo?

How long does a patient need to wear a compression garment after a full TT with flank lipo? What garment do you recommend at 8wks to wear the Spanx or some other garment? READ MORE