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Reviews by Sats

Facelift & Fat Transfer. Philadelphia, PA

I had a lot of damage from a resurfacing procedure in 07. I have been to so many doctors in the last 7 yrs & I finally found one who truly cares & is an artist. His name is Dr Brandow. I had a smas lift, fat transfer & a blue peel with him. After surgery I had some juve put in spots that fat... READ MORE

Lift and Augmentation - Phoenix, AZ

I went to Arizona to see Dr Ward because my cousin was getting a face lift & recommended him to me to help with my skin, I had gotten horrible scars & dents from Erbium laser resurfacing done in Tampa. So I flew out to meet him. He couldn't do anything for my skin but since I was there for 3 wks... READ MORE

Needed Scars Filled -Dr Greco wouldn't do it, finally found Dr Brandow who helped - Bala Cynwyd, PA

I needed some scars filled & made an appt to have it done after my consult. I waited a few weeks & couldn't wait to finally get them filled. When i was sitting in his chair he came in and said he wasn't going to do it. That i needed to see a shrink first because i was so upset about them. I ... READ MORE

7 Treatments & Nothing - Philadelphia, PA

I had pitted & rolling scars from acne & an Erbium laser treatment. I went for Erbium for 9 acne scars & came out with a ton more along with broken caps & rolling scars. Huge dent too. So the only thing they said would help is fraxel restore, I had 7 & nothing except down time & wasted money.... READ MORE

Found Things That Othes Missed. Filled Me to - Tampa, FL

I went to Dr Ambay by chance, the doctor I had scheduled to see had a family emergency & had to leave for months so a freind recomened Dr Ambay to me, my friend is very picky about who she uses so I trust her opinion, I called & got an appt for the following week. I've been to so many doctors... READ MORE

Facial volume filled with Sculptra, at first I thought it was a good idea, now I don't

I have scars & dents from Erbium laser resurfacing. For 5 yrs I've had so many f laser treatments & fillers. I was always dissapointed after. I finally found a doctor who knew how to inject fillers. I know know it's not what you get, it's WHO you get. I had juevaderm before & didn't... READ MORE

Cold Day in Hell - Tampa, FL

Went for acne scars. Some of the scars & the dent that was left aftr the surgery And that's just the left side More on right Still dealing with the scars from the Erbium Laser. Going on 5 yrs this March. On my 4th treatment of Restore Dual. Seeing a little change but too soon to tell... READ MORE

The Best in the Business - Pennsylvania

Had acne scars, went for resurfacing in Tampa, came out much worse than before. READ MORE

Had Damage from Erbium Laser, Affirm Helped

At 53 in 07 I decided to have laser resurfacing for scars from acne. The doctor in Tampa suggested Erbium Level 6. I thought he knew what he was doing so I agreed. I was left with rolling scars, a huge dent & pigmentation change all over, red for months. He dissed me when he saw the results.... READ MORE

Scars, Dents and Redness Left from Laser Surgery Months & Even Yrs Later - Tampa, FL

I had Erbium laser 2yrs ago when i was 53. After the surgery I was left with more scars only worse, a dent in my cheek, very noticable & a huge patch scar around my old scars. Not to mention all the redness for months after. Pro none Cons scars, dents, redness, pigment... READ MORE

Questions from Sats

I've Tried So Many Treatments For My Scars From Treating Scars. What Next? (photo)

I had Erbium laser in 07 for a few acne scars. After surgery I was left with scars around my scars, a square dent & large patches of indented skin that looks like patches.... READ MORE

Juvederm puffy eyes, not brusied or tinted. Should I get the injection to decrease the size or just let it be?

I had a little juvederm under my eyes 17days ago, my one eye is still puffy. I've been using camomile tea bag compresses, using nose spray for allergies, sleeping with pillows... READ MORE

Vitrase or Hyaluronidase, Nothing or Natural ways . Which one would you tell your wife or family member to do ?

It's 21 days since I had a little juvederm injected under my eyes but I'm still puffy. I know you can get injections but I see so many bad reviews about it that I'm afraid I'll... READ MORE

Steroids for puffy eyes after Juvederm

I still have a puffy eye from juvederm a month after the injection. My doctor gave me a steroid pac, 6 days, he said it would bring it down. Did you ever let your patients try... READ MORE

Juvederm puffy eyes one month later after just using a steroid pac & it's not working, no infection just puffy. Inflamzyme??

I just read something about a doctor who had a patient w/puffy eyes from juvederm & he told her to use inflamzyme or maybe pineapple to help with the swelling. I tried the... READ MORE

Fractional Laser for indented acne scars?

I would like to know if any doctors have used this treatment for scars & if you did, were your patients happy with the results? I read a few had it done & liked it. It seems... READ MORE

Fotoma for ance scars

Can you tell me if any doctors have used this for acne scars? It seems it's like needling but with heat. READ MORE

Lumps under one eye after fat transfer & still puffy under other

I had a lift & fat transfer done a month ago. My one eye has a couple lumps under it & the other is still puffy. Is this normal for a month later or do I have problems going... READ MORE

1 month post Facelift and Fat transfer to chin and cheeks, I have 2 pea size lumps under my eye. Is it normal to feel lumps?

I had a face lift & a fat transfer done a month ago. He put fat in my cheeks & chin. He said he didn't put any fat under my eye but now I have 2 pea sized lumps there. After... READ MORE

Sutures showing below eye corner on upper cheek area after face lift and fat transfer. Is this normal?

I had a face lift & fat transfer on May 1st. I have a noticeable suture showing by my eye above the cheek bone. Is this normal for a suture to show like a cyst after 2 months?... READ MORE

Accutane for indented, pitted, rolling or box car scars. Not pigmented, just indented.

Can you tell me if using Accutane is good for indented scars? Some on realself are saying that using a low dosage of it will help fill in the indents. Is this true? I don't... READ MORE

Using a dermarolling or dermapen. Why do some doctors say it's good yet others put it down?

Why is it that some doctors say dermarolling or using a dermapen is good yet others say it's useless? I see it being used more & more in doctors offices, of course they call it... READ MORE

Can you tell me if Fractora is good for scars?

Can you tell me if fractora is good for scars? Not fraxel restore, not co2 or repair. Fractora. I had heard of fractora doing better than the other lasers. If so is there any... READ MORE

Sculptra lump in lower jaw. Will this ever go away?

I had a scuptra injection about 3 years ago in my jaw area. Every now and then I get a lump that I can feel on the inside of my mouth when I run my tongue around the bottom of... READ MORE

Damage from Laser. How do I fix this mess?

I had Erbium laser for scars 8 yrs ago, I got scars, fat loss, broken blood vessels & pigmentation. Doctors suggested more laser to fix the damage but I got more damage & made... READ MORE

Temple Scars? (Photo)

I had a facelift last year, the scars on my temples were very noticeable so he did a revision in June but but now the one side is worse than before, shows to much. Has anyone... READ MORE

Temple Scars?

I had asked about temple scars showing after a revision. Most doctors came back saying I should get a hair transplant. I don't feel I should have to pay for that after being... READ MORE

Damage done by Fraxel and IPL. Why don't they tell you damage can happen or take care of it when it does?

Why do doctors always say fraxel and ipl doesn't cause damage when so many are reporting damage?? They say they never saw damage in their practice & have been doing it for... READ MORE

Any suggestions for IPL damage?

I had gotten ipl for some red spots on my cheeks. After I noticed larger pores and scars in the shape of small lines and half moon scars. I also got fat loss. What do I do now?... READ MORE

Is Infini safe to use when you had a fat transfer or fillers in your face?

I had a fat transfer & some filler placed in my scars & cheek area, will infini melt the fat or filler? I had ipl done after the fat & it made a dent where the fat was placed.... READ MORE

Restylane Silk in scars. Should I have gone for a different filler?

I had retylane silk injected into my scars on my cheeks. Was Resty silk a good choice for scars in that area? I was reading up and it seems they used it most on lips and the... READ MORE

Restylane Silk in cheeks. Any way to make it dissolve faster besides getting injections?

I had resty silk in my cheeks, it formed a puffy lines is there any way to dissolve it without injections? I'm afraid it can make a dent if injections are used. Thanks READ MORE

When will the RecoSMA laser be available in the US?

When will the RecoSMA laser be available in the US?? I've been reading good reviews on it for scars. Please let us know when we could expect it to be used here or do we have to... READ MORE

Restylane Silk. Is there anything I can do to help it go away?

I had gotten resty silk for a scar on my cheek and jaw area, since the injection a few months ago I still have a red patch where it was placed. Is there anything I can do to... READ MORE

Enerjet, Recell and RecoSMA treatments for scars. When will they be in the US?

When will Enerjet or Reco SMA be available in the US?? What's taking so long? We never got Recell and it's been years, Enerjet and now Reco SMA for scars. Does anyone know if... READ MORE

Restylane Silk. The corner of my mouth still has a bump. Shouldn't it be gone by now?

The doctor decided to use resty silk in my NF. it's been over a year and the one side, corner of my mouth still has a bump that makes that side of my mouth look puffy and weird... READ MORE

Recosma by Linline Medical - when will it be available in the US?

When will Recosma be in the US??? Why is it taking so long to be used here when people in Europe are getting such good results for scars, stretch marks & wrinkles??? Its much... READ MORE

Bad lower eye surgery. How can I fix it?

I had fat taken out years ago because the doctor said it would help with puffiness when i had allergies, since then I've have a very deep scar where she went way too far out... READ MORE

Is Fractora like Infinity?

Can you tell me if Fractora RF is like the Infiniti that also uses RF and needles? If not what's the difference and which one is best for indented scars? READ MORE

Silicone Droplets for scars?

Why are there a lot of different opinions about silicone droplets from doctors on these boards ? Some say it's good for scars and others say not to get it? Which is it?? READ MORE

Discussions started by Sats

When will Recell be in US?? Why aren't doctors answering this question on these boards??

Can you tell us about Recell & when it's going to be approved in the US? Why aren't they approving it for us? And when others on these boards ask the doctors on here about it... READ MORE

Recent comments from Sats

Yes please tell us how much improvement you got from one treatment. Pictures would be great if you can show before and after. Thanks and your so very lucky it worked for you. READ COMMENT

Ok so I put the renova the doctor had given me samples of on right after and everyday since. I see a pink spot but no scabs yet. Did you always scab? or ever get just a pink spot? Thanks oh did you ever put retin a in just the holes... READ COMMENT

So all you do is the tca then put retin a on ? do you put it on everyday even before the scabs form? then for how long after? I tried it again today but was a afraid to put retin a on before talking to you. thanks READ COMMENT

I was going to try silicone droplets but after reading how you can get lumps and only surgery can get them out I decided not to do it. Your face changes through the years & the lumps can show. I'm looking forward to hear when... READ COMMENT

I like Wayne but it doesn't work for me. Hides some large pores a bit but not deep scars. Dermafladge will fill them but you have to work fast and learn how to use it, it takes a while to learn. it's ok but if you put some make up... READ COMMENT